Yesterday we had our workshop with Mind Body Connections Europe, and today while I was reviewing the feedback of our students I felt I wanted to share my impressions about the day.
So why in a yoga teacher training we have a whole day of our precious time dedicated to Adaptive Yoga?
When we consider the teachings of Kuvalayananda of Kaivalyadhama Institute Lonavla or Shri Jogendra of Mumbai Institute I had the good fortune to study yoga with, the link between adaptive and yoga teraphy is quite obvious.
Nowadays we see more and more fitness yoga, targeted on a very competitive, ambitious type of yoga student.
The real yoga has to do with the individual, with his / her problems and everyday setbacks.
We are not all healthy, young and beautiful, not to say rich.
So a vast amount of people needs a yoga that helps and allows them to stay in health and related to their body mind unit in a relaxed, happy way.
In our yoga teacher training from the very start we follow the idea to tailor the asana to the student and not the other way around.
So our workshop with Suzanne, Jo and Frederique really gets to the point: listen to your body, aware of the sensations, help each other with caring adjustments, everybody in every sense can have the experience of yoga, no reason to back off or feel discouraged.
And our students were very happy to have the time to experience these sensations, to relate to each other and to leave ambitions outside the hall.
All people age, have trauma, get into situations, temporarily or hopefully not lasting, or forever, where the body has setbacks or injuries and here we have a way not to stop doing yoga, or even to start yoga to get relief and a new body sense in a positive way.
Not to stress the problem but value the possibilities.
I greatly recommend to fit Adaptive Yoga in any teacher training, in all classes we have people who need a special adjustment and a teacher aware of the difficulties one can experience.
The Adaptive Yoga is a very good way to learn how to adjust alignment and not force it.
To correct postures is a very difficult art, you really need a keen eye and a gentle touch.

Thank you all at Mind Body Connections.
Alexandra van Oosterum E-RYT 500, member of YANI, teacher since 1986, Soloyoga teacher training director since 2005, Atha Yoga Ithi (Bukarest) since 2015.