Opening Yoga to Everyone Level 1

3 day teacher training in Adaptive Yoga

For Yoga teachers who wish to teach Adaptive Yoga to students of all abilities.

An experiential learning experience with the participation of Adaptive Students who bring their insights of a safe adaptive yoga practice to the group.

Explore how adapting Yoga is more than simply learning to modify the asana.

It is a journey of self-discovery.

Based on the universal principles of Yoga, our training emphasises teaching the experience of poses rather than their physical performance. (Previously only available in the USA)

General workshop infos

Our adaptive yoga teacher training is based upon the unique approach of Mind Body Solutions and its founder Matthew Sanford, an award-winning author, internationally renowned yoga teacher, and paraplegic for the last 35 years.

This training develops teachers who understand that the benefits of Yoga are for everybody and provides tools to bring grounding, expansion, balance and rhythm back into people’s lives.

It helps teachers understand how to transform trauma, disability and loss into hope and potential by awakening the connection between mind and body.

By focussing initially on your own practice and mind-body awareness we will explore the universal principles of the Asana and how to Open Yoga to Everyone.

Working from the inner body, you will discover that “Yoga does not discriminate, Yoga poses do” (Matthew Sanford)

Level 1

This workshop is the first Level of a two levels training.

Discover how inward awareness, reference and adjustments, and the use of props and alignment opens the subtlety of the mind-body relationship.

The learning will be enhanced by the presence of adaptive yoga students during the workshop.

You will gain

  • The ability to teach all students, including people living with trauma, loss, disability, mental illness, PTSD, and the elderly.

  • A deepening of your own practice as well as a transformation how you teach both “traditional” and “non-traditional” students.

Topics covered include

  • Teaching the Experience of a Pose

  • Adapting Standing, Seated, Inverted, and Restorative Poses

  • The Art of Adjusting

  • Planning, Sequencing, and Observing an Adaptive Class