A classical Hatha Yoga teacher since 2001, Fredee came across Matthew Sanford’s work in the Autumn of 2011.

6 months later she was on her way to the USA to train as an Adaptive Yoga teacher and start the first London class.

In 2013 she returned to the USA to take Level 2 of “Opening Yoga to Everyone” training.

By then her biggest wish had become to see a team of fellow teachers and Adaptive Yoga ambassadors gather around her, she so craved company on this life changing journey.

By 2014, she’d started collaborating with Louise Edwards, one of her Adaptive students and passionate ambassador for Adaptive Yoga.

Together they started Adaptive Yoga UK.

The same year, Jo and Suzanne were in the States to take the “Opening Yoga to Everyone“ teacher training.

What in time would become Mind Body Connections Europe was born.

Matthew Sanford’s approach completely transformed all areas of Fredee’s teachings and practice.

After years of living with chronic pain, for some time aggravated by dynamic yoga styles, she felt she’d come home, to her body, to practice as a place for self-care.

To this day working from the inner sensations into the external expression of the pose remains at the heart of her teachings.

It gives her the freedom to share yoga with a wide range of students from Classical classes to specialist Adaptive classes.

Fredee currently offers Adaptive classes at the Westway Sports Centre in West London, W10 and at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium (home of the Paralympics) in Stoke Mandeville.

She also works privately with adaptive students in West London, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas as well as running her own regular classes, holidays and workshops.

Coming together with the Mind Body Connections team to offer teacher trainings is a dream come true.

Her vision: to know that within 10miles of every person living with disability, loss, trauma there is a qualified Adaptive teacher.