What is Adaptive Yoga?

In Adaptive Yoga, classical yoga postures are adapted with the use of props and assistants to meet the needs of students living with a disability. We aim to provide the experience of the pose, whatever the level of the participant and to deepen the body-mind awareness.

Deepening the mind-body awareness can lead to a greater sense of freedom and ease in everyday activities for someone living with a disability.

Some Benefits of Adaptive Yoga

  • Greater strength, balance and mobility on a physical and mental level

  • The ability to move through everyday life with more physical efficiency

  • Better management of chronic pain and repetitive strain injury caused by the use of a wheelchair or partial paralysis

  • Better management of stress, anxiety and depression

Adaptive Yoga classes provide a deepened sense of connection with others, and a safe environment in which to nurture each individual, socialise and have fun.